Invisible Browsing 7.5: Invisible Browsing software to hide IP address and internet track eraser

Invisible Browsing 7.5

browsing and posting messages on various forums, message boards or vote in polls. Invisible Browsing is an efficient Internet Explorer Privacy Solution erasing automatically and in real time, all your online tracks. Proxy Driver As the proxies` quality differs by download speed and response time, this major feature of Invisible Browsing allows you to adapt the proxy list to your geographical location and your internet connection. One can also import

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Secure Virtual Desktop Browse anonymously and securely access sensitive information from any computer.

Secure Virtual Desktop

secure and regular environments. SVD is a small download that will run on any internet connected Windows PC and requires no installation or registration to use. With the demo available online, you will get a free, 5 minute session to benefit from the features of Secure Virtual Desktop, including a masked IP address to enable private, anonymous browsing. Whenever you use a computer, whether it is your home laptop, a friend`s machine, or a public terminal

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Anonymous Friend 4.0: Anonymous Friend masks IP address with premium proxies

Anonymous Friend 4.0

Anonymous Friend masks the IP address by routing your traffic through foreign anonymous proxies. The premium proxies embedded into the application will not slow down your internet connection. This way you can surf, read mail, news, participate in newsgroups, and post messages on forums without getting kicked out, by using those anonymous proxies that support post.

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QtWeb Internet Browser 3.7.3: QtWeb - fast,compact,portable alternate web browser with unique privacy features

QtWeb Internet Browser 3.7.3

Browsing mode to avoid leaving traces of browsing, even UserAgent which is being sent to the web server is masked; Full Reset feature - clears all caches and restores all local settings to the state just after installation, as it was never run on the machine; Supported SSL to access secure sites. Certificate information and certification path can be displayed. Lightweight, fast and portable browser: Size of executable is 6MB only, no additional DLLs

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Secure Information Courier 1.2: Allows visitors to your web site to send you secure encrypted email.

Secure Information Courier 1.2

Secure Information Courier brings secure email encryption to your organization`s web site. Visitors to your web site can send secure email to your organization and even convey digital documents securely using industry standard encryption. Secure Information Courier is easy to use and nothing is assumed about the skill level of visitors to your site or about software pre-installed on their computers. To use Secure Information Courier, you simply deploy

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ID Secure Browser 3.5: ID Secure Browser provides advanced security browser with safe drive.

ID Secure Browser 3.5

Secure Browser! Our application does the work for you and protects your privacy 24 hours a day. Here are some of the amazing features of the ID Secure Browser: 1. Strong encryption and storage of your Favorites and any files that you want to save; 2. Personal encrypted secure drive available only within the application 3. The opportunity t work with multiple browser tabs; 4. A user definable popup allowed list 5. ID Secure Browser allows the user

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FileStream Secure Disk Secure, Store, Share Your Digital Assets, Protecte Data with Strong Encryption

FileStream Secure Disk

FileStream Secure Disk is the perfect solution for protecting sensitive information from theft and other attacks. This program makes a part or all of your hard disk, or removable drive, into a secure vault. All your private information stored on the Secure Disk will be protected by Strong Encryption. You can create multiple Secure Disks to compartmentalize data with the ability to move files from one Secure Disk to another.

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Kiosk Software 1.6.1: Kiosk software converts computers into self-service kiosk with WiFi HotSpot

Kiosk Software 1.6.1

Kiosk software locks down your public computer or kiosk, helping you securely display your website or application. It prevents hacking and downtime by restricting access to the system, desktop, drives, folders and programs. The software blocks the system keys and replaces the system shell for maximum protection. Secure Browser removes standard browser menus, blocks downloads, limits browsing to specified URLs and blocks inappropriate content.

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Secure HTML -Lizard HTML Security viewer 2.0.9: HTML security viewer with secure DRM copy, print, login, and expiry controls.

Secure HTML -Lizard HTML Security viewer 2.0.9

secure web pages (secure HTML and secure images). Note: publishers of secure HTML pages may have implemented DRM controls to stop copying, or prevent printing, or used secure login HTML copy protection measures to prevent intellectual property theft. Secured HTML is also protected from screenshots and screen grabbing. Copy control measures enforce HTML protection (protect html code and protect images) whilst remaining transparent to the user. HTML

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Facebook Login 1.0: Speeder, secures Facebook browsing than your normal browser with Facebook Login

Facebook Login 1.0

browsing. This simple application has many featurs for you. Application is more speeder and secures Facebook browsing than your normal browser. Facebook now is available in your area with Facebook Login Proxy. So application act as application and proxy. This software prevents From Hacking your Facebook Account. You are Now FREE with Hacking and Phishing . Much more Features with this Software like Internet Speed Browsing. If you have any suspicion

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